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Does my document qualify for editing?

Please send me your document and I will check to see if it qualifies for editing or for proofreading. If the text has been translated into English very badly, then it will qualify for editing and will not qualify for proofreading. Sometimes the translation into English sent to me for costing is so bad that it cannot be edited and it needs to be translated again. Proofreading is, of course, less expensive than editing.

How do I calculate the number of standard pages in a document?

First, count the number of characters in the document including spaces. Most good word processing software packages have a statistics facility which counts the characters for you. Then, divide this number by my standard page size of 1800 characters per page. Pages are rounded up to the nearest page.

What is your price per page for editing?

Editing rates at Normal Speed
up to 2 pages 300 zloty
3 to 5 pages 150 zloty per page
6 to 10 pages 120 zloty per page
more than 10 pages please ask

Zwolnienie z VAT ze względu na nieprzekroczenie 200,000 PLN obrotu

How long does it take?

The length of time to edit your document depends on a number of factors. For example, how long the document is, how complex or technical the document is and how busy I am when I accept your order. I have two standard speeds for editing: normal and express speed. At normal speed, I will finish the editing within seven working days. At express speed, I will finish the editing within three working days. My prices for express editing are:

Editing rates at Express Speed
up to 2 pages 400 zloty
3 to 5 pages 200 zloty per page
6 to 10 pages 180 zloty per page
more than 10 pages please ask

Zwolnienie z VAT ze względu na nieprzekroczenie 200,000 PLN obrotu

Can you edit my text the same day or for the next day?

Yes, this is possible. I can edit text at Super Express Speed if it is necessary. Please call me to ask about the price for editing at Super Express Speed.

What about specialised text?

I edit all types of text, medical, legal, technical, advertising, reports and simple text. If your text is medical, legal, technical or very complex then I charge 25 percent extra.

How should I send you the text?

Please send me the text by email in Microsoft Word format. I accept both [.doc] and [.docx] formats as well as other common document formats.

Can I send you the text in a PDF file?

No, this is not really possible. If the text is in a PDF file then it needs to be converted to [.doc] or [.docx] before editing.

Can I ask you to edit the text on paper?

No, this is not really possible. For very short documents, this may be possible, but it does not make sense for long documents. I don't recommend this.

Can I have an estimate?

I am happy to give you an estimate for your editing work. Please call me to discuss your project. Once I have seen the document to be edited, I will be able to estimate the time for the work and the cost.

Can I have an invoice?

Yes, of course. Please ask for an invoice when you place your order and then send me the details for the invoice: name, address and NIP.

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